Yapı Masterclasses

The Chance to Learn About the Exclusive Product Groups of the Day and Talks with Stakeholders

Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul has prepared a special four-day program between June 18 and June 21 that includes visits to the stands of material companies and talks with master architects – engineers.
In its second year, the “Architecture Masterclasses” use the hall layout of Internal Structure, Insulation & Building Materials, Joinery (Doors and Windows) and Facade Systems, Work Site and Macrostructure as a thematic frame. The event provides exchange of information with material talks at the stands and conversations focused on thematic frames and presents an interactive exhibition experience to the exhibitors with on-the-spot material practices.
The event invites young professionals who lead the project processes of architecture offices or manage their own office, students continuing their academic studies at post-graduate and doctorate levels, material experts and all architects and engineers who want to attend this gathering, which enables direct interaction with guest architects.
The event, which will provide the attendants with certificates at the end of the day, has the characteristics of a special tour aimed towards architects and engineers within the scope of Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul.

Together with the moderator, the exhibitors who register to one/all of the “Architecture Masterclasses” visit a total of five stands per day at the fairground. They get to establish direct contact with the guest master architects and engineers and benefit from their experiences.

On Tuesday, June 18, architect Jale Kulin and architect Görkem Volkan will focus on the interaction of architecture and interior design within the thematic frame of Interior Structure. They will speak on how the decisions made at various scales create quality structures through the partnerships in various projects.

On Wednesday, June 19, architect Murat Şanal (ŞANALarc), engineer Yusuf Tımbır (YBT Yapısal Tasarım Hizmetleri) and engineer Süleyman Akım (AKIM Mühendislik) will discuss ŞANALarc’s various housing and trading projects at different scales currently ongoing in Tophane, Istanbul within the scope of the building envelope, architectural program and city within the thematic frame of Insulation & Building Materials.

On Thursday, June 20, architect Ali Hızıroğlu (ERA Architecture) and engineer Mustafa Alkan (Werner Sobek) will share their experiences gained in facade and architectural detail production in joint projects within the thematic frame of Joinery (Doors and Windows) and Facade Systems.

On Friday, June 21, architect Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu (TEGET), architect Hande Ciğerli (TEGET) and engineer Yonca Çeltikçi (ARCE Mühendislik) will talk about the construction, work site, surroundings and process of the Yapı Kredi Cultural Center on İstiklal Street within the thematic frame of Work Site and Macrostructure.

Number of people:
Limited to 20 people per day.  
Method of application:
To apply, you must register online to Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul 2019.
What you must send to content@ite-turkey.com in the e-mail titled “Yapı Masterclass Registration Request”:
  • A digital copy of your Yapı Exhibition visitor card
  • CV (including the profession/education, company/school, role/post-graduate education degree)
  • Specification of the desired architecture masterclass
Important notes:
  • Registrations will be assessed in line with the order of the applications.
  • After the determination of those who will be able to attend the Architecture Masterclass, the relevant attendants will be provided with the details of the meeting point and the course of the day.
  • The two-way Free Shuttles between the Central Points and the Fairground will operate between June 18 and June 22. You can find the central point information and the timetable on http://www.yapifuariistanbul.com.
  • The attendants will be provided with certificates.