17 - 20 April 2024 • TUYAP Fair & Congress Centre

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YAPI 2024 exhibition will address topics such as Innovative Structural Products, Game-Changing Construction Practices, Technologies Shaping the Future of Design, Nature-Based Architectural Solutions and Communication and Marketing Trends in the Construction Industry.

In its 46th year, YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul, the most influential and longest-running exhibition of the building, architecture, construction materials and technologies sectors in the region, has determined special topics for the day by sharing valuable insights, expectations and gaps in the industry with an event programme between April 17-20, 2024 in cooperation with architects who are well-known in the sector and have realized successful projects.

The program content was shaped with the guidance of these names who have in-depth knowledge of architecture, technology, sustainability and building materials. The programme, prepared with the contributions of these experienced professionals, will address current issues in the industry and visions for the future.


In the sessions, presentations and talks to be held on the Conference Stage at the 46th edition of the YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul;

Wednesday, April 17 - "Outside the Box" themed meetings will focus on unconventional ideas in the construction industry and innovative materials that will shape the future. A wide range of topics from material revolution to innovative process management, from R&D in construction to effective application practices will be discussed. This special day aims to build strong connections between stakeholders in the industry with a focus on collaborations in the new world order.

The theme of Thursday, April 18th is "Design, Derive, Produce with Artificial Intelligence!", focusing on important issues that will shape the future of the construction industry. This special day will address innovations in the evolution of design, the interplay of technology, AI and IoT. Topics such as 3D modeling, smart materials and the transformation of design processes, the revolution in material technologies and the creative potential of smart buildings will bring advanced solutions in the sector and AI-powered sustainable architecture to the agenda. Sessions on today's theme will offer visitors the opportunity to explore the evolution of innovation and technology in the construction industry.

On Friday, April 19, the "Beyond Green" themed sessions will emphasize the importance of sustainability in the construction industry. This special day will address sustainable development goals and environmental impact-oriented design in the industry. Topics beyond green will include eco-friendly practices, community-conscious projects, net zero targeted practices, materials that reduce carbon footprint and sustainable architectural solutions. Visitors will have the chance to discover how to create a positive impact in the industry beyond green approaches.

On Saturday, April 20, the "DNA of Architectural Communication" themed talks will examine the world of communication and marketing in the construction industry, and will focus on the codes of reaching architects on social media, tips for reaching employers in the new world order, and strategies to survive in the competitive environment in the market.

altin_miknatis_logo_tr-(1).jpgYAPI – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which believes in the power of design while continuing to gather all stakeholders in the industry around current issues and innovations for 6 years, rewards exhibitors who transform their brands and products into a point of attraction for visitors with sustainable and innovative products in booth designs with the Golden Magnet "Booth Design Awards".

As one of the most effective marketing tools in the industry, competition continues to be intense in the exhibitions. In this competitive environment, booth designs that provide differentiation and strengthen visibility serve as an important opportunity for products and services to leave the desired impact. 

The independent jury members will visit the corridors during the exhibition and evaluate the participating companies in a closed session according to the following criteria: "The connection between the materials presented by the companies in the exhibition and the connection established in their booths", "Emphasizing the qualities of the product in the booth design", "Rationality and functionality of the design in line with technology and design trends", "Arrangement of the booth as a 3D design object", "Aesthetics in the use of visual materials" and "Modularity and reusability of the booth in different places".

In the award program, where the award categories have been renewed, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention and ICA Group Incentive Awards as well as special awards stand out. The winners of the categories "Best Visitor Interaction at the Booth", "Company Presenting the Best Technology Solutions at the Booth", "Company Presenting the Best Creative Identity Design at the Booth" and "Company Presenting a Sustainable Product with Sustainable Criteria at the Booth" will be announced at the award ceremony.


Don't miss the YAPI MASTER CLASS interviews and tours, which offer an interactive exhibition experience with architects known for their remarkable works in the industry, around the main theme of "Collaboration", where you will visit booths and learn applied products on site while chatting!

We bring together start-ups that do brave work with their innovative and sustainable products with the industry. New generation entrepreneurs who are game changers in the industry will be on the Summit Stage with their presentations on the last day of the exhibition to experience the products of startups that inspire the construction industry with approaches and technologies such as smart construction materials, BIM, virtual and augmented reality, construction mobile applications, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and 3D production, advanced transformation, energy efficient design.