Yapı Arena Sessions

Yapı Arena has been designed for the interests of various audiences in five themes and for five days.

 If you want to draw your road map and find new powers in the sector to become successful in exports, do not miss Tuesday, June 18 when all the leading association presidents and investors of the sector will be at the Turkeybuild. Right after the opening, the Presidents Forum will host the presidents of ÇEDBİK, GİİP, GİSP, GYODER, İNDER, İSTANBUL SMD, İZMİR SMD, TMMMB, TÜRK SMD, TÜRKİYE İMSAD and ULI TÜRKİYE.
The “agenda meeting”, where presidents of sector associations and public representatives will come together, will assess the year 2018 together with 2019, discuss future projections for 2020 and focus on local governments and government policies. After the handling of the economy, investment and trading aspects, “Tourism and Construction”, one of the new markets and areas of focus in the sector, will be discussed. The “Investment Focus Forum”, which will focus on this agenda, will host executives from the Turkish Tourism Investors Association, Turkey Eximbank and Turkey İMSAD.

On Wednesday, June 19, we will discuss the business and partnership development aspects in different markets by saying “Be a Global Player” within the scope of the event program designed for the relevant themes with focus on business development, focus and inspiration. Among this day’s subjects are global experience and sharing, long-term exports for building materials sector with exports of architecture and design, global selling and marketing trends in impressing buyers and tips on developing solution partnerships.
On Thursday, June 20, Yapı Arena will talk about technology. We will handle the aspects of innovation and design at the intersection of technology and materials and discuss differentiation in the sector and being one step ahead. We will meet next-generation tools such as Digital Twin, BIM and VR integration for the “digital transformation”, design, engineering, informatics and IoT in processes of design and production.
June 22 is celebrated as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. In our case, this day’s special focus is on “Renewal/Renovation.” Taking the pulse of the sector and addressing the local agenda and internal market trend, this day will handle the subjects of “New, Renewal and Renewability” in line with the aspects of planning, materials and design to create efficient alternatives.
On Saturday, June 22, the last day of the exhibition, the modules of Yapı Unplugged Summer School Workshop, which promotes materials to new graduates and students and provides on-site experience and social responsibility through architecture, innovative thinking and participatory design during Turkeybuild, will be shown. The event will end with a certificate ceremony.