16 - 19 April 2025 • TUYAP Fair & Congress Centre

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YAPI-Turkeybuild Istanbul Hosts Record Visitors


Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which attracts buyers from the Middle East, the Central Asia, and the North Africa in addition to those from Türkiye, hosted 52,111 visitors, 7,400 of which are foreign visitors from 143 countries in Istanbul.

Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul, which brought representatives of the global construction and building sector in Istanbul between April 26-29, achieved high participation rate with its intense program flow from its first day to its last day. Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul, which opened its doors for the 45th time at TUYAP Fair and Exhibition Center, acted as an ideal platform for sector specialists to exchange current information in addition to the unique export opportunities it provides to its participants.

430 Foreign Purchasing Specialists Attend Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul for New Collaborations

Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul, to which high numbers of participants and visitors attended, was at the center of the global construction sector’sinterest. Top-ranking, executive decision-makers was invited to Türkiye under “VIP Hosted Buyer” program by ICA Events. This year, 430 foreign purchasing specialistsfrom 60 countries, mainly Austria, Belarus, China, the TRNC, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Romania, and Russia, met their local business partners for new collaboration opportunities.

Focal Subjects of the Change in the Sector Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Technology, and Innovation

4th ZeroBuild Summit’23 - International Zero Energy Buildings Summit hosted by Yapı - Turkeybuild
Istanbul hosted approximately 100 foreign and local speakers during 4 days. Yapı - Turkeybuild
Istanbul offered various eventssuch astechnology sessions, networking opportunities and focused
presentations, discussions as to how Earthquake-Resistant Zero Energy Buildings Complying with Regulatory Requirements and how the transformation in the architecture, construction materials, and technology could be achieved. Yapı - Turkiyebuild Istanbul, which not only affects Türkiye and the region, but also sets the tone sectoral progress in the world with the collaboration and information exchange opportunities it offers to specialists as well as with the events it organizes, also has directed the future of the sector while focusing on sustainability, energy efficiency, technology, and innovation. In order for Türkiye to realize her promise of 2053 Net Zero Emission, the missions fall to the construction, construction materials and technologies sector, which is one of the pillar sectors of the economy, were discussed thoroughly. In the summit where important people of the academy attended in addition to sector specialists, the regional and global potential application areas, sample applications, global economy related and environmental benefits of Zero Energy Buildings, which require very low amount of energy in all fields that a building needs such as heating, air conditioning, illumination, and which provide this energy need from renewable energy resources were elaborated.

Techno-ventures Meet the Sector In the Yapı Tech Garage Field

Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul, which hosted domestic ventures offering new services and solutions in the construction materials and technologiesfield, also brought start-ups, sector representatives and specialists together. Yapı Tech Garage, which hosted entrepreneurs contributing in the digital transformation of the sector throughout Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul, also gave place to “Marathon Presentations”.

In the Yapı Tech Garage field, with which Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul paved the way for new collaborations for ventures, the entrepreneurs had the opportunity to introduce their start-ups and products offering various capabilities from the design stage to the delivery of the final buildings with technologies such as smart building materials, BIM, virtual and augmented reality, building mobile apps, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and 3D production, zero energy building principles, etc. to architects, engineers, executives, manufacturers, contractors, marketing specialists, and users while also introducing the visitors who wish to follow new trends to innovative technologies and products.

The Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards Finds Their Rightful Owners!

The traditional Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards of the 45th Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul found their rightful owners with the ceremony held at the end of the second day of the exhibition. In the exhibition, the companies which turn their brands and productsin the stand design to an attraction point for visitors, competed for the ‘Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards’. In the competition where the independent panel of judges formed by the sector’s most valuable designers, interior architects, engineers, and specialists evaluated the participating exhibitors in several criteria such as “how the exhibitors connected the materials displayed in the exhibition to
their stands”, “highlighting the features of the product intended to be demonstrated in the stand
design”, “the design rationality and functionality based on technological and design trends”, “arrangement of the stand as a 3-dimensional design object”, “aesthetics in the use of visual materials,” and “stand modularity and ability to reuse in different venues”.

In the Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards, DEREVO Dış Ticaret A.Ş. came in 1 st place, Akdağ Yalıtım A.Ş. came in 2nd place, Tantimber Tanwood Orman Ürünleri Sanayi A.Ş. came in 3rd place, Winsa PVC Window, Door and Blinds Systems obtained the Mention Award, Geoclay Mining obtained the ICA Events Incentive Award, Iston A.Ş. obtained the Company Offering the Best Technology Solutionsin Their Standards Award, and Onur Roof Tile obtained the Company Offering the Most Creative Identity Design in Their Standards Award.

Special Exhibition Tours with Expert Architects and Material Specialists

Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul, Yapı Master Class - Architectural Specialist Classes, which prioritizes interaction and differs from other exhibitions in this way, was held in “Environmental Awareness and Architectural Design” and “Parametric Design Between Scales” themes in its 5th year. The participants in the tours where they were accompanied by senior architects Durmuş Dilekci, Şule Ertürk, Büşra Al, Volkan Taşkın, and Dr. Cenk Dereli, had a talk on sustainable architecture, energyefficient construction materials, environmentally-aware projects, innovative design, and technology trends while learning about the products on site by practice, experiencing the unique stands.

In the Yapı Stage where exhibiting participant companies were present, the participants attended
discussions on sustainable architecture, energy-efficient construction materials, environmentallyaware projects, innovative design, and technology trends.

Bookings Has Already Started for the 2024 Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul!

Worksfor the 46th Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul to take place in 2024 have already started. As a result of the intense collaboration meetings that took place throughout the 4 days of the exhibition, almost all of the 491 participants from 16 countries that attended the exhibition this year, already booked their places to meet the foreign purchasing specialists at TUYAP on April 17-20, 2024, during the exhibition.