17 - 20 April 2024 • TUYAP Fair & Congress Centre

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The Building Industry Will Meet At The Yapi - Turkeybuild Istanbul

Yapı Exhibition - Turkeybuild Istanbul, the largest building exhibition in the vast region covering the Balkans, CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa, and one of the world’s top 5 exhibitions, will welcome its guests for the 44th time on March 23rd at the TUYAP Convention & Congress Center.

Hyve Group, which organizes exhibitions for the leading sectors of the Turkish economy, brings together thousands of foreign investors and national business partners every year. Brands operating in the fields of building&construction, which are among the most important exporting sectors of Turkey, will meet at the Yapı Exhibition– Turkeybuild Istanbul.

Yapı Exhibition, which leads the trends of the building sector with its content, exhibitors and international buyers and will introduce the latest building technologies, products and services, allows all the stakeholders of the sector to meet under the same roof. Yapı Exhibition - Turkeybuild Istanbul also serves as a fruitful platform for the professionals in the industry to exchange information as well as the unique opportunities it offers to its participants for export.

Yapı Exhibition– Turkeybuild Istanbul Will Be Held Under the Auspices of the Ministry of Commerce
44th Yapı Exhibition continues its preparations to welcome its visitors from all over the world for 4 days. The exhibition, which will be organized by Hyve Group under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, aims to create new job and purchasing opportunities, and build partnerships by transferring its strong global network to the building industry.

The exhibition that will bring together the building industry will continue to contribute to the growth of the construction and building industry by creating new job opportunities.  The exhibitors of the Yapı Exhibition - Turkeybuild Istanbul will be able to benefit from the 50%  support provided by the  Ministry of Commerce for the costs of promotional activities this year, as well.

“The Yapı Exhibition Continues to Grow”
Stating that the Yapı Exhibition, as an international platform, has been mirroring the building industry of our country for 43 years, Banu Keskin, Director of the Yapı Exhibition – Turkeybuild, said:  "Yapı Exhibition-Turkeybuild Istanbul, organized since 1978, continues to be the largest and most important "Building and Construction Exhibition" that gathers together all the components of the building industry. From the day of its start to today, it has managed to gradually increase the number of its exhibitors and visitors every year with the support and contribution of the professionals in the industry. We also expect that the number of exhibitors and visitors will increase despite the pandemic this year."

The Business Volume Reached 1 Billion at the 43th Yapı Exhibition!
She pointed out that the business volume reached €1 Billion at the 43rd Yapı Exhibition organized last year and added: "Yapı Exhibition is one of the exhibitions that provides foreign exchange inflow to our country and has a significant share in the export. The exhibition brings together all prominent national and foreign exhibitors. This year, there will be more than 40 foreign exhibitors from 15 countries, including Germany, Russia, China, South Korea, and Qatar in particular. We will also organize our VIP Hosted Buyer Program, about which we receive very positive feedback, this year. In 2021, we hosted 218 professional hosted buyers from a total of 11 countries. And this year, we will surpass the figures of last year and host nearly 250 Hosted Buyers from more than 25 countries at our exhibition. In this respect, we still conduct negotiations with our targeted markets in the Middle East, Russia and Africa regions.

 Additionally, all exhibitors will be able to communicate quickly and effectively with the smartphones and the internet application called "Hyve Connect" without any charges during the exhibition, thus, they will have the opportunity to expand their professional network with appropriate customers and suppliers."
Banu Keskin explained the amendment to The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) that has been recently updated as follows: ‘35% of the energy is consumed in residential buildings in our country. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was put into effect on January 1st, 2011, with the steps taken by our state to start and improve energy efficiency in the buildings. This Directive has recently been updated.  With the amendment published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey, the definition of NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) was added to the directive and it has become compulsory for buildings with a construction area of more than 5000 m2 to be constructed in a way that meets the requirements of NZEB as of January 1st, 2023. With this adjustment, the thermal insulation of the buildings will necessarily be increased. This amendment, which will contribute to sustainability, will allow houses to be heated more with less energy.’’

The International Zero Energy Buildings Summit-Zerobuild Summit’22 Will Be Held at the Yapı Exhibition for 4 Days. 
Yapı Exhibition - Turkeybuild Istanbul will create an effective platform to support the sectoral strategy, exchange information, promote innovation, and to create new ideas by forming an interaction between the public, private sector, and academic circles of the building industry.

As exhibitors and visitors all over the world, the Exhibition will host the Turkey section of ZeroBuild Zero Energy Buildings Summit focusing on new generation "Zero Energy Buildings”, which requires a very low amount of energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and other energy consumptions and provides these needs entirely from renewable sources for 4 days. Nearly 100 Turkish and foreign speakers will take place in 16 sessions in the International Zero Energy Buildings Summit-ZeroBuild Summit’22 for 4 days. At the Summit, which will be a well-attended platform discussing the impacts of the Paris Agreement on Turkey`s roadmap of decarbonization and the role of buildings with respect to the 2053 Net Zero Emissions target, the main focus will be on how to develop and improve ‘Zero Energy Buildings` and how to achieve transformation. ZeroBuild Turkey, which was held online for two years, will be held physically for the first time in order to ensure that the transformation to Zero Energy Buildings, one of the most effective and sustainable solutions for the environment, is put on the agenda of Turkey. It will be held under the 44th Yapı Exhibition-TurkeyBuild Istanbul.

The Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards at Yapı Exhibition!
The Yapı Exhibition rewards its exhibitors with the Golden Magnet "Stand Design Awards”, which attracted attention with “sustainable” and "innovative products" in their designs. The exhibitors companies, which are material manufacturers and take part in the exhibition with their stands, will compete for the Golden Magnet. Winners will be awarded in 6 different categories.

Start-Ups Empowering and Shaping The Sector Will Show Up in the Yapı Exhibition!
Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition, Yapı-Turkeybuild Istanbul, the largest one in the region and the most significant platform of the building industry is preparing to bring professional buyers from different countries and domestic manufacturers together on 23 - 26 March 2022 at the TUYAP Center.  "YAPI TECH GARAGE”, which hosted entrepreneurs of the building industry and blazed the trail in 2021, is also preparing to launch new initiatives this year.

Technology entrepreneurs, which attract a great deal of attention of the exhibitors and visitors with their newest products and technologies, will meet with the professionals in the industry in this area exclusively reserved for outstanding entrepreneurs of the building and architecture industries and will be able to introduce the solutions they have developed and create new job opportunities in this period when innovation and creative ideas are needed the most.