17 - 20 April 2024 • TUYAP Fair & Congress Centre

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Layher has taken its place at the 2024 edition as part of the exhibition’s partnership with Scaffolding and Formwork Industry Association

Key players of the industry are securing their Turkeybuild Istanbul 2024 stands.

Layher is one of the 17 scaffolding and formwork companies that will be at YAPI – Turkeybuild Istanbul 2024 as a part of the exhibition’s recent partnership with Scaffolding and Formwork Industry Association of Turkey (İKSD).

The company’s Business Development and Marketing Director Bülent Kocaöz answered our questions regarding Layher’s activities, the partnership between the association and the exhibition and their expectations from the exhibition.

Can you tell us about why you decided to exhibit at YAPI – Turkeybuild Istanbul?

With the agreement between the most expansive representative of our industry that is positioned as an umbrella organization, İKSD, which we are a part of, and organizer of Turkeybuild Istanbul, ICA Events; our industrial exhibition which we exhibited at for many years and contributed to will be organized under the roof of Turkeybuild Istanbul in a special hall designated for scaffolding and formwork companies.

As one of the leading players in the industry, we are excited to be a part of this event. We are hoping that Turkeybuild Istanbul’s years long recognition and audience will make the expected contribution to our industry with this new structure.

Which products will you be showcasing at the exhibition?

Layher is one of the leading companies with innovation as its core motivator which takes the feedback from the industry and offers it to the industry with new materials. While doing this, the basic motivation is to make every innovation usable with existing materials. At the exhibition, we will be introducing many innovations that are usable with the existing materials our business partners have. Some of these are our truss system TwixBeam, Advance Guardrail System (AGS) which makes bridge construction easier, and many other innovations of roof and stage systems. In addition to these, we will be showcasing Layher’s activities that places digitalization to the forefront.

What do you think about Turkeybuild Istanbul? Why should industry professionals visit the exhibition?

As Layher, we care a lot about industry exhibitions. Due to the pandemic and other organizational shortcomings, scaffolding and formwork industry will have the chance to get together with a heavy participation like this and share the developments and advancements in the industry with its stakeholders for the first time since 2017. I think this partnership, which we believe will make a huge positive impact to Turkeybuild Istanbul, will give stakeholders an important reason to visit the exhibition.

What are your thoughts and forecasts about the construction industry in Turkey and around the world?

Economic developments in Turkey in the recent years have been an important factor in the industry becoming static. For global brands like us, whose market borders have been drawn, the actions of Turkish construction industry are important factors in determining our own actions. Our main objective– despite all these obstacles – is to be able to offer an expansive scaffolding service to our construction companies, which are ranked #2 globally in ENR 250 rankings in terms of number of companies, for their both local and global needs.

Companies that are looking to expand their businesses in the region choose YAPI – Turkeybuild Istanbul. Join them in 2024 to benefit from the opportunities the exhibition offers. Contact us today to discuss your participation options.