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44th Yapı, Turkeybuild Istanbul Hosted More Than 45.000 Visitors From 157 Countries

44th Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul received great attention of investors, buyers and exhibitors and made the parties leave satisfied after busy business meetings, and a total of 320 exhibitors in the exhibition this year have already made bookings for the 45th Yapı-Turkeybuild Istanbul. With this progress, Yapı has broken a record in terms of exhibitor reservation numbers for the next year.

Yapı- Turkeybuild Istanbul, which was held for the 43rd time last year, achieved a business volume of approximately €1 billion, bring together all the representatives of the global building and construction sector in Istanbul between 23rd-26th of March, In the exhibition, 320 exhibitors from 17 countries presented more than 200 product group. 

Increased its visitor number by 171% and foreign visitor number by more than 191% when compared to last year, Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul,  which is a global platform of cooperation and information exchange, hosted 45 thousand 731 visitors from 157 countries in total, 8 thousand 232 of which were foreign.

More Than 400 Foreign Buyers participated in Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul for New Collaborations
The exhibition also attracted attentions of foreign buyers and investors as well as receiving incredible numbers of interested exhibitors and visitiors.

Top-ranking, powerful decision makers were invited to Türkiye by Hyve Group within the scope of “VIP HostedBuyer” program. In the exhibtion, about 400 buyers and investors from 60 countries including Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Qatar, United Kingdom and Greece met with business partners for new cooperation opportunities. 

As meetings were held both physically and through online cooperation platform Hyve Connect, the exhibition signaled a strong comeback for the global building and construction sector. 
For the Change in the Sector, the Exhibition focused on Energy, Environment and Sustainability Issues 
Having an influence on the course of the sector not only for Türkiye and the region but also for the world by offering the professionals opportunities of cooperation and information exchange and arranging events, Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul once more, shaped the future of the sector, focusing on energy, environment and sustainability issues.

ZeroBuild Summit’22 – International Zero Energy Buildings Summit, hosted by Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul and held physically for the first time this year, was took place with the motto “Change Starts Here!”.

International Zero Energy Buildings Summit, held with a intensive program flow from the first day to the last day of Yapı-Turkeybuild Istanbul hosted approximately 100 domestic and foreign speakers in 16 sessions for 4 days. 

In order for Türkiye’s 2053 Net Zero Emission goal to be achieved, the tasks needed to be carried out by building, construction materials and technologies sector which are among economy’s leading sectors were discussed in detail. In the summit in which important figures from academy as well as professionals from the sector participated, details were discussed in terms of potential implementation areas, exemplary implementations and global economical and environmental benefits of Zero Energy Buildings in Türkiye, in the region and around the globe, which consume minimal amount of energy in all areas that a building requires such as heating, cooling, lighting, while supplying this need from fully renewable energy sources

Techno-Start-Ups Came Together With the Sector in Yapı TechGarage 
Yapı, which hosted domestic start-ups that offered new services and solutions in the area of construction materials and technologies for the first time in the former exhibition, brought 13 start-ups this time together with the representatives and the professionals from sector for the second time this year. “Marathon Presentations” also took place under Yapı TechGarage, developed with the cooperation of Değişim Mimarı İnovatif Yönetim Danışmanlığı and hosted the enterprises that made a contribution to the digital transformation of the sector during Yapı-Turkeybuild Istanbul, on 26th of March.

In Yapı TechGarage, which established a ground for new cooperation for start-ups,  start-ups dealing with issues such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, data science, artificial intelligence, relationship management between stakeholders in the sector, education technology, payment management, passive house designs, rendering, digital areas and new generation building products introduces the technologies with which they offer different opportunities from designing phase to building delivery phase to architects, engineers, project managers, manufacturers, contractors, developers, marketers and users.

Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards Went to Their Winners 
44th Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul’s traditional Golden Magnet Stand Design awards went to their winners in the ceremony held at the end of the second day of the exhibition. In the exhibition, companies competed in “Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards” with their “magnetic” brands and products in stand design, attracting visitors’ attentions. In the competition where the independent jurors, who were best designers, interior architects, engineers and professionals, assessed different criteria, the points taken as base were connection established with the product, the best possible way of presentation of the product’s desired features, design of the product in 3d, aesthetic in visual material use, modularity of the stand and its capacity of being re-used in different places. In Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards, Samet Kalıp Ve Madeni Eşya Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş. came first, Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies Industry and Trade Corp. took second place and Sever Makine Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş. came third. Mansion Award went to Kızılay System Yapı A.Ş., Hyve Group Encouragement Award went to Emek Door Systems, The Company Offering the Best Technology Solutions Award went to Inohom Smart Home Systems, The Company Offering the Most Creative Identity Design Award went to Glulam Sa.

Yapı-Turkeybuild Istanbul Hosted World-Famous, Award Winning  Architect Bram Aerts
Co-founder of TRANS architectuur&stedenbouw, one of the leading architecture offices in Belgium, Bram Aerts came to Istanbul to give a conference within the scope of 44th Yapı. TRANS has gained a strong reputation among the most renowned Netherlandish architecture offices with concepts well ahead of its generation within a short period and currently works on a series of leading-edge transformation projects for sustainable development of cities. Aerts talked about transformation and redesigning of the built environment and a radical solution strategy to demolition, open space occupation, and dominance of the construction sector.

Special Exhibition Tours with Professional Architects and Material Specialists 
In Yapı- Turkeybuild Istanbul which prioritizes the interaction, thus manifests its difference from other exhibitions, Yapı Master Class – Architecture Masterclass was held in the themes “Environmental Awareness and Architectural Design” and “Interscale Parametric Design” for its 4 year. In the tours carried out with the company of master architects Durmuş Dilekci, Şule Ertürk, Buşra Al, Volkan Taşkın ve Dr. Cenk Dereli, participants talked with the architects about sustainable architecture, energy efficient building materials, environment-sensitive projects and innovative design and technology trends, experienced a unique tour by visiting the stands and had the chance to learn about the products with on-site application.

Yapı Stage, in which exhibitor companies also took place, held conversations about the themes of new products and technologies, current trends, sustainability, R&D investments, new cooperations, commercial treaties that are becoming different with competition, business development models, branding in building sector and customer experience models. 

45th Yapı is preparing for 100th anniversary of Republic
45th Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul to be held in 100th year of Republic has already started working for the next year. As a result of intensive business meetings lasted for 4 days, all 320 exhibitors from 17 countries that participated the exhibition this year has booked in the exhibition to meet with the foreign investors on 26th-29th of April, 20023 in TUYAP Fair and Congress Centre. With this success, Hyve Group is aiming to achieve business volume of €1-5 billion in 2023.