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Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards

In its 45th year, YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul is rewarding exhibitors who create the most effective visitor experience by using sustainable elements, innovation and technology in their designs with the Golden Magnet "Stand Design Awards", which has become one of the traditions of the exhibition.

The fact that the stands reflect the vision, product and service of the companies in the most effective way ensures stronger visitor interaction and, as a result, the creation of commercial collaborations, which is the main purpose of the exhibitions.

With this vision, companies that transform their brands and products into a point of attraction for visitors in stand design will receive the prestigious Golden Magnet Award, a tradition of YAPI Exhibition.

Exhibitions, which are the most effective marketing and market learning activity, are among the expected platforms with high return on investment for sector companies and professionals. In this platform where competition is intense, stand design, which provides physical differentiation and strengthens visibility in the promotion and marketing of products and services, is one of the tools used for companies to make a great impact. In rational, functional and aesthetic stands designed in line with technology and design trends, the connection with the product, emphasizing the desired qualities of the product in the best way and arranging it as a three-dimensional design object are remarkable features.

Independent jury members consisting of architects, interior architects, civil engineers, industrial designers and graphic designers will visit the corridors during the exhibition and evaluate the participating companies according to the following criteria in a closed session:
  • The connection between the materials the companies present at the exhibition and their stands
  • Emphasizing the desired qualities of the product in the stand design
  • Rationality and functionality of design in line with technology and design trends
  • Organizing the stand as a 3D design object
  • Aesthetics in the use of visual materials
  • Modularity and reusability of the stand in different spaces

🧲 Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards are organized among the material producer exhibitors with their stands at the YAPI - TURKEYBUILD Exhibition.

The fact that the stand has received an award in the previous YAPI - TURKEYBUILD does not prevent it from being evaluated again.


By adding new categories every year, YAPI Exhibition aims to create awareness among exhibitors, to demonstrate the power of sectoral sensitivity and design-oriented functioning, and to showcase exhibition trends.

With the awards in new and special categories added as of this year, companies that make environmental, social and corporate governance values sustainable and celebrate their initiatives will be able to stand out. Companies that emphasize these criteria in their stand designs along with their products will bring their holistic approach together with visitors.

If you have new products and services that will support consumer welfare on behalf of contributions to the sensitive and qualified development of the built environment, if you offer sustainable technology solutions, reflect these corporate values with your stand as one of the "Effective Purpose Marketing" methods!

🎉Award Categories are as follows:
  • 1st prize
  • 2nd prize
  • 3rd prize
  • Honorable Mention
  • ICA Events Incentive Award
  • Special Awards
    • "Best Visitor Interaction at the Stand”
    • "The Company Offering the Best Technology Solutions at its Stand”
    • "The Company with the Best Creative Identity Design at its Stand” 
    • "The Company Exhibiting Sustainable Products with Sustainable Criteria at its Stand” 


An independent jury will make their evaluations on April 26, the first day of the exhibition, and the winning companies will be awarded on April 27. 

The Award Ceremony will take place on the ZeroBuild Summit Stage in Hall 8 of the YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul. 

Here you can find the essential resources you need before you take your place at the exhibition.

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