Nazmi Durbakayım

Nazmi Durbakayım

President of Istanbul Constructors Association (İNDER)

Nazmi Durbakayım was born in 1950 in Istanbul. He graduated from Haydarpaşa High School and later on from ITU Faculty of Construction in 1974. He founded his contracting company within the same year and started industrial and residential construction.

Durbakayım founded TEKNİK YAPI in 1980 and set himself a mission of raising the bar even higher in construction sector. Durbakayım, who lead the branding in the sector, has made Teknik Yapı into a demanded brand thanks to his various projects.

In his work life of approximately 40 years, Durbakayım has actualized many successful projects and in addition to construction, he also founded companies active in the sectors of food, tourism and service. Today, he employs thousands of people in the companies gathered under the roof of Teknik Yapı Holding.

Durbakayım is a member of Turkish Employers Association of Construction Industries (INTES), Turkish Contractors Association (TMB) and The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Companies. He is also the CEO of Constructors Association (INDER) and Fikirtepe Platform and one of the founding members of the Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers (MAG Foundation).