The construction sector in Turkey is currently one of the biggest contributors to the economic development of the country; thus, YAPI TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL has been contributing to this growth by creating new job opportunities and ensuring an exchange of knowledge for 44 years.

YAPI TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL aims to create new business, partnership, and acquisition opportunities by sharing its strong global network with the construction sector. With this goal, Yapı Turkeybuild Istanbul provides an efficient platform full of business development events to support the sector’s strategy, exchange information, encourage innovation, and ensure the introduction of novel ideas by means of interactions between the public, private, and academic spheres within the construction sector.

In addition to providing an opportunity to showcase and follow up on the latest products and technologies in the region, the 44th Yapı Turkeybuild Istanbul is supported with activities that form a bridge between creative minds and investors with its content.

YAPI TECH GARAGE, where we started to welcome start-ups operating in the construction sector after breaking new ground in 2021, is getting ready to accelerate the sector this year with new start-ups once again.

In this platform reserved for construction and architecture start-ups that draw interest with their newest products and technologies, technology start-ups attracting a great deal of attention from exhibitors and attendees will introduce the solutions they have developed and create new business opportunities during a period of time when we need innovation and creative ideas the most by coming together with the industry professionals. 

The active usage of information and communication technologies in every field is becoming more widespread at an incredible speed all over the world. Entrepreneurial perspective and innovative approaches in many sectors, from health to energy, or automotive to textile, change the way of conducting business fundamentally.

In the construction sector, which is one of the sectors that benefit the least from technological developments, the way of conducting business is still largely based on conventional foundations.
Insisting on the use of conventional methods in the construction processes of projects worth millions of Liras causes delays in works, exceeding of budgets, and occupational safety problems in the workplace. According to studies, construction sector works with high inefficiency and time loss all across the world.

This sector, which accounts for 17% of the global economy, has great potential for innovation with all its shortcomings. In recent years, the whole world is discovering these potentials and turning to start-ups to solve the inefficiency across the construction sector. 

The world desires to change the design and construction processes fundamentally. Investments in construction technologies are increasing every year.

Although these investments are mainly focused in certain regions, there are certain start-ups in Turkey as well, which may initiate large scale transformations for companies. However, coming together with the sector and making themselves visible is still a great problem for the start-ups.

CHANGE STARTS HERE! The attendees will be introduced to a good number of innovations at Yapı Tech Garage
In addition to bringing together the attendees who wish to follow up on the trends with cutting-edge technology and products, our start-ups will have the opportunity to talk about their products that offer various possibilities from the design stage to the building delivery stage with technologies such as smart construction materials, BIM, virtual and augmented reality, mobile building applications, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and three-dimensional production, and zero energy building principles, in the presence of architects, engineers, managers, manufacturers, contractors, marketers, and users.


Albasoft Information Technologies was established by its founder, who is a Master Architect, with the aim of developing special software for the needs of the stakeholders within the construction sector in order to ensure the construction sector, which is still in its early stages in terms of digitalization processes, may achieve the requirements of the information age, and of becoming a partner who speaks the same language as the sector, so that the construction sector can access the most accurate management tools and become digitalized.

As an information technology company targeting the problems encountered across the construction sector such as time, costs, resources, coordination, progress payments, measurements, distances, hazards, and data analysis, as well as the market that is open to development in technology, we produce the latest technology VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) hybrid type Unmanned aerial vehicles designed and developed by ourselves thanks to our vision and dreams. In addition, we are developing a photogrammetric data processing and reporting platform, supported with artificial intelligence and machine learning, by extracting insightful data from the image data we obtain from the drones.

BIMMade provides industry professionals with digital product information and design alternatives to enable them to be more productive, while giving manufacturers the opportunity to understand and analyze the needs of the sector.
It creates world-class BIM smart objects, which are the 3D digital twins of the products manufactured to be used across the construction industry, hosts them on the cloud platform, and opens them to free and unlimited access for architects and engineers, so they can use them in their projects. It enables manufacturers to be preferred at the project stage, and offers them the opportunity to download data and market analysis with its special control panel.
With the special software it has developed, it allows conversion of BIM objects compatible with 5 different BIM software.

“At GMZ Energy, we aim to contribute to the development of technology in our country domestically in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, which we believe will contribute significantly to the security of energy supply. In line with this purpose, we are planning to develop innovative solutions in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells thanks to R&D studies we carry out, in addition to supporting the establishment of a theoretical infrastructure with the help of training support.”

HAU is a biotechnology company that continues its efforts to develop environment-friendly, biodegradable products instead of traditional foam packaging (styrofoam), insulation (heat and sound insulation), and plastic-based materials. Our company is the first company across the country to carry out R&D studies on this field. With its products, the company offers a good alternative to polystyrene foam, which pollutes the and environment, and the main areas of use are the packages/packaging, decoration, and construction sectors.

inSuppliers, the professional network of the construction sector! inSuppliers is a start-up established by industry professionals that bring together product/service providers and decision makers in the construction sector to facilitate business opportunities, networking, and selection of the right supplier as a result of references.

“MONO is a data science consulting company providing services for various sectors. Our team consists of professionals from sectors and data scientists. Professionals from the energy, construction, logistics, and insurance sectors combine their professional backgrounds and knowledge to better comprehend the unique customer needs. Additionally, the strong technical skills and capabilities MONO offers in data sciences is what makes this company unique. The final product includes key work from the instrumental data science team working in collaboration with the client’s project manager and sales team. Our business model is to optimize time, efficiency, and cost for the customer while maximizing profits.”

Nara not only keeps up with the latest technology, but also is a start-up company with a pioneering vision in every aspect of educational technology. Thanks to this perspective, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies are blended with traditional education in a fun way. Nara offers innovative, creative, and original solutions in education, tourism sector, health, advertising, marketing and many other fields by using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality technologies.
In terms of AR/VR, Nara is an enterprise that produces solutions for many sectors, including construction. It is particularly focused on the use of AR/VR technologies in 5G domain.

We offer payment pages that are opened specifically for the companies that decide to work with us. On this page, the company may display the customer and dealer records through which it will make its collections. It can send SMS and e-mail notifications to the customers or dealers where it wishes to make collections with the available payment options and types of its choice. Customers and dealers that receive a payment notification can make payments with a card of their choice through the link sent to them. As soon as the payment is made, the collection receipts are delivered to the individual who carried out the payment and the company. In this way, the company will be able to view and track its collections. Customers or dealers who wish to make payments at any time without receiving a payment notification can make free payments over the page created for the company and follow up on their payments.

“We are trying to build our own house with a more sustainable and environmentalist understanding. We created a YouTube channel to share all our experiences on this subject with others. We are sharing all the details regarding passive house design, manufacturing, product selection and costs.”

We use 12000+ digital product twins of companies such as Lazzoni, Vivense, Ersa, and Creavit for AR experience in corporate stores with our Render program, and on e-commerce sites with our Saas software. We will make our software, where 300 products are added every month, available to architects with its drawing and rendering feature, which can be used within minutes.

As Surveyhands Engineering, we use a variety of technologies and methods in order to reflect the real world in digital media in the most accurate way. When we copy and transfer real settings into digital media in our projects, we also try to incorporate this digital reality in your everyday lives. By using laser scanning, photogrammetry, and many other methods, we produce the most suitable and realistic digital areas for the users and make the data available for you. At our stand, you may personally see some of the tools we use for our work. At the same time, we make sure you are able to view the data which we obtain using different methods in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) media in a complete manner, through various hardware such as smart phones, tablets, or computers, over the Internet. For example, as a result of this process, you can access the dimensions, texture, and many other features of a specific object from the digital medium, by using a digital copy of the real object. In addition, you may personally experience a place that has been incorporated to the digital medium, through technological devices only, without actually going there physically. The objects and places that we have copied may also be experienced with virtual reality glasses, as well as mobile devices. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we use various data sets to produce the most suitable solution for you as a company. We would like to offer you our services for a variety of purposes by creating high-accuracy digital twins of your physical areas, or object groups, and even your own faces.

General problems in the application of gypsum-based suspended ceiling systems are application time, cracking of the plaster, paint defects. Technolight ceiling does not require any plaster or paint, the production time is 5 times faster, and it puts 10 times less load on the building. It offers an architecturally aesthetic solution with polymer membrane and aluminum profiles.