Yapı Masterclasses

During Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul 2021, which will take place on April 6 - 9, the Yapı Masterclasses will meet the attendees for the third time with a special programme that includes visits to the stands of material production companies and talks with master architects and engineers.

In its third year, "Yapı Masterclasses" will once again provide an environment for networking and knowledge with visits to the stands at the exhibition area within the frame of the relevant themes, thematic conversations during the visits, and presentations with the participation of master architects and engineers.
Attendees registering for one/all of the "Architecture Masterclasses" moderated by Nobon founder Dr. H. Cenk Dereli will be visiting a total of six stands on a daily basis at the Exhibition Area.
With these talks and stand visits, attendees will enjoy an interactive exhibition experience with on-site material demonstrations. At the end of the visits, they will have the opportunity to establish direct contact with the master architects and engineers speaking at YAPI ARENA STAGE.
The event invites young professionals who lead the project processes of architectural offices or manage their own offices, students who continue their academic studies at graduate and doctoral levels, and all architects and engineers who want to attend this gathering, which provides direct interaction with material experts and guest architects.
The event, in which the attendees will receive certificates, is a special trip for architects and engineers within the scope of Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul.

Attendees who register for one/all of the "Architecture Masterclasses" visit six stands on a daily basis at the Exhibition Area together with the moderator and get the chance to listen to different thematic conversations with the attendance of the guests throughout the visits. Attendees have the opportunity to establish a direct connection with the hosted master architects and engineers and benefit from their experiences.

Climate, Environment and Digital Production
Within the scope of the YAPI MASTERCLASS on Climate, Environment and Digital Production that will take place on April 7, we will be hosting Architect Salih Küçüktuna, Civil Engineer Ümit Özkan and Architect Volkan Taşkın. Salih Küçüktuna incorporates innovative processes into building production with digital design trials and collaborates with civil engineer Ümit Özkan to realize the projects. Together with our guests, we will be discussing the relationship between the environment and architecture and next-generation design and production practices in the light of the ever-increasing effects of the climate crisis.

Pandemics and Resilient Public Spaces
Within the scope of the YAPI MASTERCLASS on Landscape and Lighting Design that will take place on April 8, we will be hosting Architect Deniz Aslan, Architect & Architectural Lighting Designer Nergiz Arifoğlu and Architect Samim Magriso. We will be discussing landscape design and the effect of lighting on the experiencing of landscapes with lighting designer Nergiz Arifoğlu and Deniz Aslan, co-founder of one of Turkey's leading design offices (DS Mimarlık) along with Sevim Aslan. We will be talking about how we can construct resilient public spaces with functionality and material support following a pandemic that has taught us the importance of being in open spaces and maintaining social distance.
Number of attendees:
Limited to 15 people per day.
How to apply:
You must have a free online invitation to Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul 2021 to apply.
You must send the following to [email protected] with an e-mail that reads "Yapı Masterclass Registration Request" in the subject line:
  • A digital copy of your Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul attendee card
  • Resume (including profession/education, company/school, position/postgraduate education degree)
  • The architecture masterclass day you want to attend
  • A short explanation on why you want to attend this class
Important Notes:
  • Registrations will be evaluated according to the order of application.
  • Upon determination, the Architecture Masterclass attendees will be notified about the meeting point at the exhibition area and the schedule.
  • Free buses to and from the Central Points and the Exhibition Area will be available on April 6-9. You can find out more about central points and hours at https://yapifuari.com.tr/Sayfa/ulasim.
  • The attendees will be given certificates. 
  • Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul reserves the right to make changes in the schedule.