About Events

Construction sector in Turkey plays a major role in the current economic development of the country.
YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL has been supporting this growth for over 40 years by creating new business opportunities and enabling exchange of information.

In addition to exhibiting the newest building products and services in the region, YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL also hosts activities that tie creative and investing minds together with its content.
YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL aims to create new business, partnership and purchasing opportunities by transferring its strong global network to construction sector. In addition, Turkeybuild Istanbul provides an efficient platform filled with events aimed towards developing business to support sector strategy, ensure exchange of information, drive innovation and enable the promotion of new ideas by establishing interaction between the public and private sectors and academic aspects of building sector.
With its competent content program, YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL aims to obtain all the required relevant information from public sector to private sector, academy and NGOs. YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL, the only exhibition of its kind for 42 years, continues to gather all shareholders under a single roof with current subjects and innovations.
This year, Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul seeks answers to the questions below:
  • What is it that more than 80,000 national and international visitors want to see at such a massive exhibition? (new products and technologies)
  • How do approximately 1,000 exhibiting companies representing all product groups of the sector differentiate in their businesses? (through innovation)
  • What are the signs of success in the quality growth and development of the sector? (exporting)
  • What are the market local trends following the ever-changing global and local economic balances and what should we do for support? (renovation and renewables)
  • What kind of opportunities can we present as Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul, the second school of the decision makers of the future after university? (on-sit experience & learning)
With its 42 years of experience and role in sector growth, Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul promises to be Turkey’s binding and unifying platform for exports and partnership development in the building world.
Yapı – Turkeybuild Istanbul will host agenda meetings in five different themes for five days. There will also be events that will colorize the exhibition with on-site experience and learning.
Exhibition events that will enrichen the experience and learning are as follows:

Yapı Arena
will host architecture and business-oriented panels, partnership sessions, talks of new design and technology tools and “inspiring” keynote speaker conferences.
Yapı Arena will also host live presentations and seminars for the new products and technologies of 2019 with the “innovation-focused” Yapı Innovation Stage.
Yapı Masterclasses; Architectural masterlasses, in collaboration with Nobon, will conduct curated walks of intersecting the interests and working areas of different visitor groups designed for 4 days, including interiors, insulation and building material, facade and joinery, worksite group products. At the end of each day, master architect and his/her stakeholder such as interior designer, acoustic engineer, civil engineer, and facade consultant will host conversations to the selective visitor group.
Yapı Robot Zone; The area, in collaboration with Fabb, will simultaneously host robotic production and conversations under “Design, Develop and Build with Robots!” message.
Yapı VR Home; The area, in collaboration with Garage Atlas, will showcase experience of dream spaces and living in Mars.
Yapı Unplugged 02 Workshop; The modules of Yapı Unplugged Summer School Workshop, which promotes materials to new graduates and students and provides on-site experience and social responsibility through architecture, innovative thinking and participatory design during Turkeybuild, will be produced of waste materials from the exhibition installation and be shown at the end of Turkeybuild Istanbul.