Why does YEM Bookstore choose Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul?

One of the staple exhibitors of Turkeybuild Istanbul, YEM Bookstore is the leading publisher of books related to architecture, interiors and construction in Turkey.

YEM Bookstore, which brings together with readers thousands of books in architecture, interiors, design, engineering, urban planning, urbanism, environment, culture and arts from publishers in Turkey and around the world in addition to their own books, is one of the staple exhibitors of Turkeybuild Istanbul.
Prior to the 2020 exhibition, Mesut Kaya, Manager of YEM Publishing and Bookstore, answered our questions regarding why they choose Turkeybuild Istanbul to promote their business. 
Why do you prefer Turkeybuild Istanbul to promote YEM Bookstore?
We exhibit each year because it is the largest event where we get to meet face-to-face with our target audience of architects, interior architects, designers, engineers, academics and students who are doing research on building materials and technologies in Turkey.
Why do you think industry professionals should visit Turkeybuild Istanbul?
Because it brings together all stakeholders in Turkey’s building materials and technology areas such as manufacturers, sellers, business developers, investors, researchers, academics and students.
What are your evaluations, comments and insights about the industry in Turkey and around the world?
Turkey’s building industry has been experiencing a serious narrowing and economic distress especially in the last five years. The way to overcome this process, in the long run, rests on reviewing and revising current building and sales-marketing methods. In order for more efficient, faster, and financially feasible manufacturing opportunities to be created, technology, cultivation and sharing of knowledge should be prioritized. Perhaps exhibitions should be reviewed in terms of content and presentation as well…
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