Turkeybuild Istanbul sets out impressive events programme

Turkeybuild Istanbul sets out impressive events programme

Turkeybuild Istanbul, the region’s leading building materials and technologies exhibition, has announced its topics and inspiring speaker list for its 2018 business development platform events programme.

Turkeybuild Istanbul sets out impressive events programme
The line-up affirms the show’s reputation for providing a platform for knowledge sharing and exploring pressing industry issues.

The 5-day programme features over 70 renowned industry experts speaking on more than 40 topics at over 30 events.

This year’s 70-strong list of speakers, soon to be announced, will include major names from architects to heads of associations, technical experts to designers.

What will the programme cover?

The huge list of topics to be covered includes new technologies, data mining, energy use, business development, emerging architecture, and innovative materials.

Day one will see talks from head of associations and sector figures on the current state and development prospects of the market. The Building Industry Agenda Forum will assess the past year in terms of materials, construction, economy, and planning, as well as prospects for the future.

The second day will focus on technologies, robotics, research and development and design of new materials, as well as data mining and objective data. Prizes will be awarded for the Insulation Sector Performance Awards and the Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards.

Day three is set for sessions on the social and behavioural aspects of energy use in architecture and energy solutions in complex structures, as well as successful case studies, real estate and development, and collaborative architecture.

The fourth day will see topics such as business development, continual professional development, emerging architecture trends, new architecture tools, and AI, VR, and block chain.

The final day will examine all things related to the flooring industry, including objectives for 2023 for the global flooring industry, as well as creative uses for waste material.

Masterclasses, workshops, and demonstrations will also take place throughout the programme.