40 years of Turkey's leading building exhibition

The 40th anniversary of YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul, has set the agenda in the building sector.

The 40th anniversary of YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul, has set the agenda in the building sector with its 40 different events, world famous speakers, awards and innovative materials. The exhibition attracted 82,427 visitors.

Having served as the building industry's premier international summit for 40 years, YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul took place from 23-27 May 2017 at Tüyap Fair and Exhibition Center. YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul once again became the focus of industry professionals with its international activities and business opportunities created this year.

At the exhibition, 18,640 products and services were exhibited by more than 1,000 exhibitors in 100,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor areas. This year, 82,427 people visited YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul, which provides new business and cooperation opportunities in the sector and provides information flow to sector professionals.

ITE Turkey Board Member and General Manager of YEM Exhibitions, Burcu Baser, stated that YAPI -Turkeybuild Istanbul, was the center of the industry’s attention during its 5 days and added:

“With the participation of 82,427 local and foreign visitors, we would like to thank all the exhibitors and visitors for their interest in our exhibition which was successfully realised as the biggest exhibition of the sector this year.

"With YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul, which is the biggest summit of the Turkish building sector, we aim to provide new markets and information flow to the industry. We are continuing our work to increase the contribution we provide to the building sector, which is so important for the country's economy. For this purposes, as part of the “Business Development Platform” activities, YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul welcomed the North African Region countries, which have an accelerating economic growth this year. Also, with 40 different events organised exclusively for the 40th anniversary of the exhibition, we provided indsutry insight on areas such as architecture, real estate, new products, future of building products, sustainability, job security, design and marketing. The great interest in the projects and events that we have carried out gives us strength in the exhibition work for the following years. We will continue to work and invest to develop our sector in the future.”

As part of the Business Development Platform programme, YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul welcomed North African Region countries, which are experiencing a recovery in their economy this year.
On the first day of the exhibition, North Africa - Turkey Construction Forum and Bilateral Business Talks were held, aiming to develop platforms to create new business opportunities and incentives for investors in North Africa, one of the important markets of Turkish construction sector. Official and private procurement committees from the region participated in the negotiations on new business, cooperation, purchases and investments.
YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul has shed light on the sector with 40 activities in its 40th year...

40 events which aimed to provide information flow to sector professionals and held exclusively for 40th anniversary of YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul, one of the five major building exhibitions of the world and “The biggest building material exhibition of the region, which includes Turkey, the Balkans, CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa” attracted intense interest by the visitors.
In the events organised during the exhibition, many famous names took part as speakers on subjects like architecture, real estate, new products, new business opportunities, the future of building products, sustainability, job security, design, marketing and career.
Following the celebration ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the exhibition, “Golden Magnet Awards”, the traditional best stand design awards, were gifted to their owners.