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Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition

42nd Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul
18 - 22 June 2019 • Istanbul, Turkey, TUYAP Fair and Congress Center



About Business Development Platform Events of Yapı Turkeybuild Istanbul 2018

, the international building materials and technologies summit and also the biggest construction materials exhibition in the region covering the Balkans, CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa, is creating a comprehensive event programme dedicated to its business development platform in its 41st year.

Turkey’s construction sector has been at the forefront of the country’s recent economic development and Turkeybuild Istanbul have been contributing to this growth by creating new business opportunities and generating knowledge for 40 years. In addition to offering the opportunity to display and follow the latest products and services of the region's building sector, Turkeybuild Istanbul is supported with activities whose content build bridges between creative and investing minds.

Turkeybuild Istanbul aims to create new business, cooperation and purchasing opportunities by transferring its strong global network in the construction sector. Within this aim, Turkeybuild Istanbul presents an effective platform full of events programme for its business development to support sector strategy, to generate knowledge, to encourage innovation, to promote new ideas via allowing interaction between public, private and academic stakeholders of the building industry.

In order to achieve this point of view, Turkeybuild Istanbul included two content areas under its show floor plan, YAPI STAGE and YAPI ARENA, featuring innovation and inspiration-oriented programme.

YAPI STAGE, aspired to concentrate on “innovation”, will feature series of seminars that are dedicated to technology and material related discussions, technical trainings, BIM, 3D & robotics talks and live presentations with installations.
Whereas YAPI ARENA, focused on architecture and business-oriented panels, author conversations, partner association events and inspirational keynotes.
From public sector to private industry, academia and NGOs, YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL intents to grasp all the current information that the sector seeks through its qualified content programme. Being the one and only platform for over 40 years, YAPI – TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL brings together all stakeholders of the industry under one roof around current topics and innovations.
Keynote speeches of foreign architects who draw attention with their design approaches and recent projects,

Speeches of the association chairmen who will present projections about the future of the construction sector,

Subjects of energy efficiency targeting investors,

Subjects of real estate policies along with its economic relations

Data design and mapping in architecture,

Architectural robotics and future projections,

Material and R&D

Design in building materials sector 

Entrepreneurial-minded growth-oriented business models 

Master classes

Lively presentations from material suppliers and exhibitors offering recent innovative products and solutions.