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Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition

42nd Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul
18 - 22 June 2019 • Istanbul, Turkey, TUYAP Fair and Congress Center

2017 Event Programme


The Hosted Buyers Delegation Program took place from May 22 to May 24, 2017 with the participation of company officials of countries designated for the 40th YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul Exhibition and it was organized by Secretariat for The Central Anatolian Exporters Association and coordinated by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with YEM Exhibitions. B2B meetings with hosted buyers took place at a hotel designated by the ministry on Monday, May 22, 2017, one day before the exhibition. Participants were notified about the issue


We hosted North Africa in our Guest Region project during 40th Turkeybuild Istanbul Business Development Platform events, which took place between 23-27 May 2017. Our goal in the “Guest Region North Africa Project” is to help Turkish contractors and material producers to be more efficient in all construction works, especially in the growing public investments, in North Africa, one of the important markets of the Turkish construction sector abroad and to establish platforms to create new business opportunities and incentives for investors in this framework.


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Within the scope of the project, we had an event titled “North Africa - Turkey Construction Forum and B2B Meetings” on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 14: 30 to 18: 00. In this activity, Consul General of Morocco and Consul General of Tunisia, officials from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria Contractors’ Union, officials from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria Business people association, Head of the Contractors’ Association, Chairman of Türkiye İMSAD, authorities from the Eximbank Loans Department and senior officials from DEİK took place as speakers.


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40th Turkeybuild Istanbul brings together industry-leading names with the “Opportunities for New Expansions in Building Sector” panel.

YAPI - Turkeybuild İstanbul, one of the five major building exhibitions of the world and the biggest building exhibition of the Turkish building sector and the Region hosted “Opportunities for New Expansions in Building Sector” panel, which was organized by YEM Exhibitions and The Building Information Center (YEM), to pave the way for the domestic and foreign markets that the construction industry has been experiencing in recent years, and to pioneer over the future challenges

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The panel, which brought together all the professionals of the sector, such as investors, contractors, real estate consultants, professional chambers, associations and architects, was held on Tuesday, May 24 at the TÜYAP Expo Marmara Hall within 40th YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul. Speakers from the fields of public, economy, investment, funding, building materials and architecture that constitute the building blocks of the industry are meeting with building professionals at 40th Turkeybuild Istanbul as guests of YEM Exhibitions and YEM to discuss potential opportunities, future opportunities and possible new developments in the market.


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Highlights from Ward Massa's Speech

• People are doubtful about building houses from waste. A lot of money is being spent to get rid of the waste. On the other hand, we buy material that’s able to decompose; we recycle ashes from old bricks, ceramics and even burnt wastes and use them again as materials.

• There is a 70% risk of earthquake in Turkey. With urban transformation, many old buildings will be demolished and many waste will come out of these buildings. Why not reuse those wastes? If you live in an earthquake country, materials are very important, and it is our job to research those materials.

• Architects are excited to be able to apply the good old bricks with a new style. Our work does not only offer a waste-based alternative to normal brick, but also provides new color, texture and form possibilities. A new set of arguments is important for real estate experts. Building a sustainable structure has also become an increasingly attractive topic for financial reasons. Large corporations needing offices are renting space built with sustainable materials. Having a façade made of materials produced with recycled waste gives them a unique story to tell their customers.

• Our business model is a flexible method, it continues to change. As a company, we are good at coming up with new ideas and developing products. We are happy to work with other companies in the production of our products; that makes us gain more experience. We must approach our work with a critical eye and find out what we can add more. Our design approach helps us to create products that are part of the original projects in various parts of the world. Starting with the highest segment, we can send a strong message to the future: It is possible to construct the buildings from waste.



Based on the experience that PAB Architecture has gained since its inception, the interview focuses on the choice of materials, both indoor and outdoor, where children and young people spend most of their time in daylight, the effects of these choices on space experience and the architecture that they create. They talked about their new project and material preferences on competition projects, implementation, design and public construction.



Highlights From Speech:

• Buildings, cities and materials are becoming intelligent. As the objects get smart, we become more passive.

• What do people do, what do they need, and how do they live? I take these into consideration when I carry out my projects and I prefer my materials in this respect.

• I made roofs out of materials such as clay, which is traditionally used to make pots. When applying my projects, I use low and high technology together.

• When I build houses, I use natural colors in the materials instead of buying paint from factories. Price is not always important. With this method, we build houses for the poor just like houses made with advanced technology.

• The social partition we created in the world used to exist only in small places; now it can be seen in cities as well.

• Knowledge must always guide behavior, this is my life philosophy!

• Workshops are very important. It is very important for the person to identify him/herself as an architect.



“Bi_özet real estate", a social responsibility project aimed at stimulating consumer awareness and encouraging qualified production, aims to raise awareness while investing, buying or renting. Bi_Özet real estate newspaper columnists evaluated the real estate industry in the event where there were columnists and speakers selected from experts in the “bi_özet real estate” newspaper, a medium where experts in their field share their knowledge and know-how.


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Highlights From The Event

• Real-estate is a financial product. Building is a production. There's a strong bond in between. When we say real estate, we talk about development, and when we say construction, we talk about production.

• We start with roads and parking lots, and this car-centered understanding begins to collapse. Soon the city plans will start with people, not roads.

• Rapid urbanization, immigration, aging population, unequal income distribution change the concept of real estate.

• With the green building, savings of up to 40% can be achieved at the operating cost. The green buildings are not easy to sell but are easy to rent.

• Abroad, buildings that emphasize human beings and buildings where people can interact are preferred.

• When we choose real estate, our arguments are: Which one is luxurious? Which one’s location is good? Which is close to public transport? Security is not among the priorities!

• The job security contract is one of the contracts that is signed at the end; but it has to be the first contract that is signed. This regulation only protects employees the construction sector.


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In the conversation, the projects of SANALARC, which organizes the architectural studio as a research environment in construction methods, material preferences and design approaches, were discussed on the axis of industrial innovation, materials and architecture.



Hosted Buyers from Turkey and abroad made negotiations during the exhibition. The “Domestic and International Hosted Buyers Delegation Program” which was held in order to enable all stakeholders of the sector to communicate effectively with each other, to be informed about all the innovations in the sector and to increase the commercial activities in this area was among the activities to be held during the exhibition.