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Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition

42nd Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul
18 - 22 June 2019 • Istanbul, Turkey, TUYAP Fair and Congress Center

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1.2. The membership for newsletters composed with the contents of the above websites is free, and it ensures that the news, announcements and electronic mails containing any kind of textual and visual content that YEM EXHIBITIONS compile about their service departments are communicated to you. The YEM EXHIBITIONS’ Membership system is an essential part of these websites, and any membership procured from any of these websites grants right to access to all other YEM EXHIBITIONS’ Websites mentioned above.   
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2.2. YEM EXHIBITIONS have the right to delete any text or material that is uploaded to YEM EXHIBITIONS’ Websites via YEM EXHIBITIONS’ membership system and in contravention of laws, the corporate identity of YEM EXHIBITIONS and terms and conditions stated herein for YEM EXHIBITIONS’ Websites. In cases deemed necessary and in detection of illegal action, YEM EXHIBITIONS may terminate the membership and the user may be held exempt from paid or free rights and advantages set forth on YEM EXHIBITIONS’ Websites.
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In the event that YEM EXHIBITIONS’ Website user or YEM EXHIBITIONS member fails to provide the aforementioned conditions, the arisen disputes are to be negotiated on. Legal action is taken in unfavorable situations. ISTANBUL Courts and Execution Offices have the judiciary power over such disputes.
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