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Building, Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition

42nd Yapı - Turkeybuild Istanbul
18 - 22 June 2019 • Istanbul, Turkey, TUYAP Fair and Congress Center

Our Partners Testimonials

Ferdi Erdoğan | Turkey İMSAD (Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers) Chairman of the Executive Board 
" One of the largest organizations of the Turkish building industry and the region, Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul, has transformed into an international marketing platform and has become the industry's most important meeting point. We, as Turkey İMSAD, attended the Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul, having left a total of 40 years behind, with our 35 members in 2017, and we held special meetings during the exhibition. We drew attention to what the players of the building sector participating in the exhibition need to do to improve exports and achieve high added value. We have held a contest for the evaluation of "Sustainability Best Practices" works of Turkey İMSAD Members. On this wise, the winners will be awarded with the "Future Investment Awards" at the 41st Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul. At the same time, exhibition participants will have the opportunity to examine in detail the projects participating in the contest in the exhibition area of "Future Investment Projects of Turkey İMSAD Members."

Mesut Kaya | Manager, YEM Publications and Bookstore
"Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul is the largest and richest meeting platform of all the stakeholders (materials manufacturers and dealers, architects and engineers, academics and students, public and private sector employers in construction and so on) of the building sector in Turkey. Moreover, this quality is not unique to today; it has been so for the past 40 years. In this exhibition, the companies have the opportunity to express, even more importantly, to weigh and develop themselves by having the chance of observing, hearing, listening to and evaluating both their customers and competitors one-to-one. With all these features, it is a very valuable "sharing" platform for our industry. Everyone in the industry can get the stones they have accumulated on their platform for one year off at this exhibition; they can select and pick up what they need from these ones."

Emine Merdim Yılmaz | General Coordinator, Arkitera
"For students who are studying architecture, the Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul has always been a place where they update the knowledge of materials. When I was studying architecture 20 years ago, my friends and I would definitely spare a day to visit the exhibition in the 4-5-day period when the exhibition was open. We would return from the exhibition, with full hands, arms and minds. We would also make use of the current material information in the brochures we collected from the exhibition in our projects. After years, we are very much interested, both personally and institutionally, in being a business partner this time in the Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul and in developing business for students who are future architects and for professionals. I wish our cooperation, which started in 2017, will last for many years."

Banu Binat | Founding Partner, Binat Communication & Consultancy
“The exhibition activities in the building sector in Turkey start with sub-sectors (ceramics, furniture, insulation, doors-windows, mold-scaffold etc.) as of January every year, and the Yapı - Turkeybuild İstanbul held in May collects them all under one roof. With this feature, the exhibition has the characteristic of being the largest and the most important exhibition of the region as well as Turkey. As Binat Communication, we have carried out activities that increase intra-sectoral communication in the previous construction exhibitions. We have supported the exhibition with trips, panels and press studies. This year, we will take part in the exhibition with "Communication in the Building Sector" meetings within the scope of the exhibition, with an excursion program for a group of special guest architects coming from outside the city and with news / interviews specific to the exhibition.”